A downloadable game for Windows

In short, Beat'em All is a multiplayer game focused in a fast paced gameplay. Your objective is to be the last survivor by throwing your opponents out of the moving arena.

- Up to 8 Players
- Crazy Power-Ups!
- Customize your Attacks!
- For casual or competitive players!
- Earn coins by playing matches!
- Spend the coins in the shop!
- Customize your character!

IndieDB Page

Currently, you can play the game via steam FOR TEST PURPOSES using the ID for steamwork developers, just download the game, log yourself on steam and hit the play.

  • NOTE 1 - You will need at least 1 friend to play it properly. The game does not work correctly if played alone.
  • NOTE 2 - If something odd occurs during the session, restart the whole application, really. I'm sorry about that.
  • NOTE 3 - One known issue at the moment is; if a game has started and another player attempts to join the session, he/she will spawn atthe middle of the fight, but it will be unable to control! (The correct behavior is to block that player from joining in, but it's not implemented, so, let everyone join first before you hit the start button).
  • NOTE 4 - Chat system in-game not implemented, though you can easily chat through Steam itself!
  • NOTE 5 - KINDA IMPORTANT - When trying to join a session, please, click only once on the session room button and wait. It will look like nothing is happening but it is loading the session, so click only once and wait a few seconds.
  • And for the WIP sake, It contains placeholders, you will certainly not see a Pikachu hat and classic themes on the final release. And again, it contains bugs.

Feedbacks and suggestions are all welcome and needed. Please, help me gather interest from the community.
Thank you for your patience.

Install instructions

Extract the file.

w/ Steam running, Run BeatEmAll.exe

Call Your friends!


BeatemAllv1.1a.zip (Lastest Version! Apr/04/2016) 121 MB